Activities of fundamental research
  1. Assessment of uric acid-induced metabolic imprinting in human innate immune cells
    1. Characterisation of cytokine profile in cells primed with uric acid in vitro
    2. Analysis of signaling pathways relevant for uric acid priming
    3. Validation of pathways using molecular and pharmacological inhibition
  2. Validation of in vitro work in cohorts of patients with gout and cardiovascular diseases
    1. Inclusion of patients in study groups, samples collection.
    2. Performance of functional experimental work ex vivo in cells isolated from patients
    3. Performance of metabolomics and transcriptomics analysis in samples collected from patients and controls
  3. Assessment of gene variants in patients and controls
    1. Identification of candidate genes and gene-variants that are relevant for the study
    2. Genotyping of patients and controls for candidate variations
  4. Epigenetic analysis and intervention in vitro and in vivo
    1. Assessment of effects of epigenetic modulators on the uric acid-induced hyperinflammation
    2. Validation of epigenetic effects and beneficial consequences in experimental mouse models of inflammation and arthritis
  5. Validation in humans of epigenetics of hyperuricaemia and possibility for reversal
    1. Investigation of epigenetic marks in freshly isolated monocytes of patients with hyperuricaemia and controls
    2. Clinical trial with urate-lowering therapy or antiinflammatory compunds
  6. Data analysis
    1. Standard statistical analysis for experiments or moderate sized cohorts
    2. Bioinformatic statistical analysis for large datasets (metabolomics, transcriptomics, genetics)
Activities of experimental development
  1. Implementation and validation of protocols and new methods or techniques
    1. Implementation and validation of experimental immunology techniques
    2. Implementation and validation of protein assessment via ELISA
    3. Implementation and validation of RNA assessment
    4. Implementation and validation of DNA analysis
    5. Implementation and validation of epigenetic techniques
    6. Implementation and validation of in vivo murine models of hyperuricaemia and urate arthritis.
Activities for obtaining, validating and protecting the industrial property rights
  1. Activities for obtaining, validating and protecting the industrial property rights
    1. Patent application
    2. Dissemination of results
Activities for information and publicity
  1. Information and publicity via the local news, website page
Activities of project management 
  1. Project Management
    1. Scientific, technical and ethical management
    2. Recruitment of new people
    3. Administrative management
    4. Economic management and acquisition of equipment and laboratory products
    5. Decision making management
    6. Management of communication and dissemination
    7. Audit